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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

Captain Sisko Colonel Kira Lieutenant Commander Worf Lieutenant Commander Dax Lieutenant Bashir Lieutenant Dax Lieutenant Nog Chief O'Brien Constable Odo Plain, simple Garak

Name: Rozhenko, Worf
Rank: Ambassador
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: 2340 Origin: Klingon
Academy Class: 2361
Last Post: USS São Paulo NCC-75633
Current Post: Ambassador to Qo'noS
Achievements: Unknown

Biography: Worf, son of Mogh, was born on Qo'noS in 2340. In 2346, while at the Khitomer outpost, his parents along with 4,000 other Klingons were killed in an attack by the Romulans. He was rescued and later adopted by Chief Petty Officer Sergey Rozhenko of the USS Intrepid and rasied in Minsk, Russia on Earth. Worf joined Starfleet Academy in 2357 as the first Klingon ever in Starfleet and graduated at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. In 2364, he was posted on the USS Enterprise-D as flight control officer. After the death of Lieutenant Tashsa Yar, Worf changed to the engineering/security division to replace Yar at tactical and as chief of security and promoted to lieutenant. In 2367, he resigned from Starfleet to fight for Gowron during the brief Klingon Civil War. Worf was promoted to lieutenant commander in 2371. Following the destruction of the Enterprise-D Worf took a leave of absence for a year. At Commander Sisko's request, Worf was requested to help deal with the raising hostilites between the Federation and Klingon Empire. After the crisis, Worf accepted a post on Deep Space-9 as strategic operations officer and transferring to command division. Worf commanded the Defiant in the Starfleet armada against a Borg cube heading for Earth. When the Defiant was badly damaged and beamed aboard the Enterprise-E he served as tactical officer before returning to DS-9. During the Dominion War he served on the bird-of-prey IKS Rotarran under General Martok. Worf married Lieutenant Commander Dax in 2374 on stardate 51247 on DS-9. He later rejoined the Enterprise-E at request of Captain Picard during the Ba'ku mission in 2375. Prior to the end of the Dominion War he challenged Chancellor Gowron and killed him a bat'leth fight. After killing Gowron, he was made chancellor, but gave the position to Martok. At the end of the war, Worf assumed a role as the Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire at the request of Chancellor Martok, resigning from Starfleet.