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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

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Name: Dax, Jadiza
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: 2341 Origin: Trill
Academy Class: Unknown
Last Post: USS Defiant NX-74205
Current Post: N/A
Achievements: Trill Premier Distinctions in exobiology,
zoology, astrophysics, and exoarchaeology. Trill third-level pilot certificate.

(2341 - 2374)

Biography: Jadiza was the eighth Dax host joined in 2367. In 2369, she was assigned to Deep Space 9 as the chief science officer. Prior to becoming Dax, she had already known Commander Sisko and believed it would be difficult to maintain their friendship, however, Sisko still continued to call Dax "old man." When the USS Defiant was stationed to DS-9 she became the navigations officer. During the Dominion War she commanded the USS Defiant, while Captain Sisko assumed a post at Starbase 375, Major Kira remained on DS-9, and Lieutenant Commander Worf served on the IKS Rotarran. Once the Federation retook DS-9 she married Worf in 2374. In late 2374, Jadiza was killed by former-Gul Dukat under the influence of the Pah-Wraiths. The Dax symbiont was saved by Doctor Bashir, and transported back to Trill onboard the USS Destiny.

For the role of Dax, Terry Farrell initially wore prosthetic makeup similar to the Trill look in The Next Generation episode "The Host." However, the powers-that-be didn't want to disguise Farrell's natural beauty behind extensive makeup, and so, after shooting had begun on DS9, changed the distinguishing Trill mark to spots.