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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

Captain Sisko Colonel Kira Lieutenant Commander Worf Lieutenant Commander Dax Lieutenant Bashir Lieutenant Dax Lieutenant Nog Chief O'Brien Constable Odo Plain, simple Garak

Name: Nog
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Serial Number: N/A
Born: Unknown Origin: Ferengi
Academy Class: 2376
Last Post: USS Defiant NX-74205
Current Post: USS São Paulo NCC-75633
Achievements: N/A

Biography: Nog grew up on Deep Space-9, his father Rom, was the first and only Ferengi in the Bajoran Militia. When the Federation took over DS-9, he became close friends with Jake Sisko. This, and his exposure to Starfleet led him to want to join Starfleet Academy in 2371. With Captain Sisko as his sponser he entered the Academy in 2372 as the first Ferengi to ever join Starfleet. Nog returned to DS-9 in 2373 on a cadet field-study assignment. In 2374, he was promoted to ensign through a battlefield commission during the Dominion War in the engineering division. During on a mission to deliver a message to Grand Nagus Zek on the USS Shenandoah with Jake Sisko, the runabout was attacked by a Jem'Hadar fighter, moments before its destruction, he and Jake were rescued by the USS Valiant. On the Valiant, commanded by Red Squad cadets, Nog was made an honorary Red Squad member, promoted to lieutenant Junior Grade, and made chief engineer. While fighting the Jem'Hadar on AR-558, Nog lost a leg and had to be fitted with a bionic replacement leg. After the death of Lieutenant Commander Dax, Nog was made stationed at the helm of the Defiant, and USS São Paulo. Prior to Captain Sisko's death, he promoted Nog to lieutenant, JG and made chief engineer of DS-9 and the São Paulo after Chief O'Brien departed DS-9.