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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

Captain Sisko Colonel Kira Lieutenant Commander Worf Lieutenant Commander Dax Lieutenant Bashir Lieutenant Dax Lieutenant Nog Chief O'Brien Constable Odo Plain, simple Garak

Name: Kira, Nerys
Rank: Colonel; Bajoran Militia
Serial Number: N/A
Born: 2343 Origin: Bajoran
Academy Class: N/A
Last Post: USS Defiant NX-74205
Current Post: USS São Paulo NCC-75633
Achievements: N/A

Biography: Kira was born in 2343 on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation, and at 12 years old joined the Shakaar resistance cell in 2355 to fight against Cardassians as a terrorist. In 2369, when the Cardassian Union abandoned Bajor and the Terok Nor mining station, she was made the Bajoran liason to Starfleet, as well as first officer to the renamed Deep Space-9. Despite her initial mistrust of Starfleet running the station for Bajor, and Bajor joining the Federation she eventually accepted it, as well as Captain Sisko being the Emissary. Kira also acted as first officer onboard the Defiant as well. At the start of the Dominion War, she stayed on DS-9 to continue as Bajoran liason officer since the Bajoran Provisional government signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion. Her actions to help sabotage the station made it easier for the Federation to retake DS-9. Kira was promoted from major to colonel in 2375 in the Bajoran Militia. Near the end of 2375, she accepted a temporary Starfleet commission at the rank of commander. Her mission was to help lead and instruct Cardassians rebelling against the Dominion on how to successfully run an organized resistance. Leading the rebellion, with Odo, Garak, and Damar, they were able seize Dominion headquarters, killing Weyoun, and capturing the female shape shifter. With the apparent death of Captain Sisko, Kira now commands both DS-9 and the USS São Paulo.

The first officer of DS-9 was originally intended to be Ensign Ro Laren played by Michelle Forbes. Nana Vistor was given the role as Major Kira.