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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

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Name: Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette
Rank: Captain
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: 2332 Origin: Human
Academy Class: 2354
Last Post: USS São Paulo NCC-75633
Current Post: N/A
Achievements: Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

(2332 - 2375)

Biography: Benjamin Sisko was born in New Orleans, Louisana on Earth in 2332. Sisko joined Starfleet Academy in 2350, during his sophomore year, he spent a field-study assignment on Starbase 137, and graduated 2354. When he was an ensign he met Curzon Dax for the first time at Pelios Station, and later served with him on the USS Livingston. Sisko later served onboard the USS Okinawa under Captain Leyton, at the time he was in engineering, but Leyton promoted him to lieutenant commander and first officer. He served on the USS Saratoga as first officer until it was destroyed by a Borg cube at Wolf 359 in 2367 and reassigned to the Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards where he worked on the USS Defiant. Sisko also worked on Earth, directing the construction of orbital habitats. When Sisko was promoted to commander he was given command of Deep Space-9. While at DS-9 he was the first person to discover the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Aside from being a Starfleet commander, he was also the Emissary to the Prophets in the Bajoran's religion. He also made first contact with the Dominion, and in 2372, temporarily appointed to head of Starfleet security when a Dominion invasion was feared. Sisko was put in command of the USS Defiant, stationed at DS-9 to protect it and Bajor from a Dominion attack. He even helped the terran rebellion of the mirror-universe built a mirror-Defiant to fight the Alliance. Sisko was promoted to captain in 2371 on stardate 48959.1. Sisko was responsible for the start of the Dominion war in 2373 by putting a mine field over the wormhole to stop further Dominion forces entering the Alpha Quadrant. After he, and all other Starfleet personnel abandoned DS-9, he was stationed on Starbase 375. Sisko led a massive fleet to retake DS-9 to prevent the Dominion from taking down the mine field and allowing a huge fleet from entering the Alpha Quadrant. He, and Garak, were also able to bring in the Romulans on the Federation's side against the Dominion by falsifying evidence. In 2374, Sisko led a fleet to the Chin'toka system along with Klingon and Romulan fleets and was successful in liberating it from the Dominion. In 2375, he married Kasidy Yates, despite a warning from the Prophets. Near the end of 2375, Sisko led a final assault against the Dominion, which led to their surrender. He was last seen leaving for Bajor on the USS Rio Grande. While in the fire caves, he met Dukat, possessed by the Pah-Wraiths, and Kai Winn, killed by Dukat. To prevent the Pah-Wraiths from escaping, Sisko pushed Dukat into the fire pits falling in himself. In a sense, Sisko died, but actually left the linear existance and joined the Prophets.