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USS Defiant/Deep Space-9 Senior Staff Overview

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Name: Bashir, Julian Subatoi
Rank: Lieutenant
Serial Number: N/A
Born: 2341 Origin: Human
Academy Class: 2369
Last Post: USS Defiant NX-74205
Current Post: USS São Paulo NCC-75633
Achievements: N/A

Biography: Julian Bashir was born in 2341 to Richard and Amsha Bashir. He was born with serious learning disabilities, so in 2347 his parents took him to Adigeon Prime, where he underwent genetic resequencing. The procedure, illegal under Federation law, greatly enhanced his intellectual and physical abilities. In order to join Starfleet he kept it secret, it wasn't discovered until 2371 by Doctor Lewis Zimmerman. Bashir joined Starfleet Academy in 2361 to become a physician, while there he also took engineering extension courses. He graduated in 2369 second in his class at the rank of lieutenant and choice a position as chief medical officer on Deep Space-9. Bashir prides himself as being a doctor, and believes it is his duty to help all those in need. In 2372, he attempted to cure the Jem'Hadar of their addiction to ketracel-white. He was also able to develope an inoculation against the Teplan blight. Bashir was kidnapped by the Dominion and replaced with a Founder in 2373 while attending a burn treatment conference on Meezan IV, he was later rescued from the Dominion internment camp 371. In 2374, he was kidnapped by Section 31 to determine if he was a Dominion spy, when his loyalty was proven Section 31 leader, Director Sloan invited Bashir to join the covert intelligence unit. Bashir discovered that Section 31 was responsible for the Founder's disease when Odo became infected. He was able to kidnap Sloan and retrieve the cure, though Sloan committed suicide. Bashir remained on DS-9 after the Dominion War engaging in a relationship with Ezri Dax.

Bashir's original character name was Julian Amoros, but it was changed when Siddig El Fadil (now Alexander Siddig) was cast to reflect the actor's Sudanese background.