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USS Voyager Senior Staff Overview

Name: Torres, B'Elanna
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade; Maquis
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: Unknown Origin: Klingon/Human
Academy Class: N/A
Last Post: Maquis raider
Current Post: USS Voyager NCC-74656
Achievements: Unknown

Biography: Torres is half-Human from her father and half-Klingon from her mother. She lived on on the Federation colony on Kessik IV. When her father left Torres and her mother and moved to Earth, her mother took her to live on Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld. Torres attended Starfleet Academy, but dropped out in second year because of difficulty with Starfleet discipline. While at the Academy, she was a member of the decathlon team. After dropping out she joined the Maquis and posted on Chakotay's raider. In 2371, she joined the Voyager crew. Dispite a violent altercation with her superior officer Lieutant Carey, Captain Janeway made Torres chief engineer. Later in 2371, she was kidnapped by a Vidiian scientist who split her Klingon genetic code making her completely human, and a completely Klingon copy, the EMH was able to restore Torres Klingon genetic code. Torres had not always accepted her Klingon half, and kept anyone from getting close to her. On the Klingon Day of Honor however, he confessed her feelings for Tom Paris. In 2376, she had a vision of her own dishonorable death where she met her mother on the Barge of the Dead. The experience taught her to let her emotional guard down. Later that same year, Torres was assimilated by the Borg.