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USS Voyager Senior Staff Overview

Captain Janeway Lieutenant Commander Chakotay Lieutenant Commander Tuvok Lieutenant Paris Lieutenant Torres Ensign Kim Doctor 7 of 9 Kes Morale Officer Neelix

Name: N/A
Rank: N/A
Serial Number: N/A
Born: N/A Origin: Hologram
Academy Class: N/A
Last Post: N/A
Current Post: USS Voyager NCC-74656
Achievements: N/A

Biography: The Emergency Medical Hologram program AK-1 diagnostic and surgical subroutine Omega 323 began installation into several different types of modern starships as a short-term supplement to medical personnel in emergency situations. The EMH is equipped with a database of 2,000 medical references, the experience of 47 physicians, using 50-million gigaquads of data, and medical knowledge of more than 3,000 cultures. The EMH was designed at the Jupiter Station by Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, with Lieutenant Reginald Barclay testing it's interpersonal skills. Voyager's EMH was activated in 2371 on stardate 48308 after the medical staff were killed when Voyager was swepted into the Delta Quadrant. The EMH program is highly adaptive giving him the ability to learn, and to become a sentient being. The EMH considered many names for himself, including Benjamin Spock, Jonas Salk, and Albert Schweitzer, but has since been known simply as Doctor. The Doctor was designed to be used for no more than 1,500 hours, by 2372 he experienced a level-4 memory fragmentation, resulting a rapid deterioration of program function. To solve the problem the Doctor's program matrix was merged with the Jupiter Station EMH diagonistic program. The matrix overlay process worked to maintain the integrity of the Doctor, but his memory was not fully restored. When Voyager was sent to Earth of 1996 the received his 29th-Century autonomous holo-emitter from Henry Starling. For the first time the Doctor would be able to operate outside of sickbay and holodecks. In 2374, the Doctor used a Hirogen Relay Network to travel to the Alpha Quadrant onboard the USS Prometheus NX-74913. The Doctor designed the Emergency Command Hologram in order to expand his program to more than just medical in 2376. Once a way was found for Starfleet and Voyager to communicate, the Doctor sent his program back to the Alpha Quadrant to save the life of his creator, Lewis Zimmerman with new techniques he learned in the Delta Quadrant.

During the early days of production the producer's planned for the Doctor to choose the name Zimmerman for himself, and the scripts for the show's first season referred to him as Dr. Zimmerman. By the end of the first season, this plan was changed, and later scripts referred to him as the Doctor. Robert Picardo also appeared as Lewis Zimmerman on DS9 and Voyager, as well as the EMH on the Enterprise-E