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USS Voyager Senior Staff Overview

Captain Janeway Lieutenant Commander Chakotay Lieutenant Commander Tuvok Lieutenant Paris Lieutenant Torres Ensign Kim Doctor 7 of 9 Kes Morale Officer Neelix

Name: Paris, Thomas Eugene
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: Unknown Origin: Human
Academy Class: Unknown
Last Post: USS Exeter NCC-26531
Current Post: USS Voyager NCC-74656
Achievements: Unknown

Biography: Tom Paris, the son of Admiral Owen Paris whom Captain Janeway served under, majored in astrophysics while at Starfleet Academy. As a cadet, Paris chose the Starfleet base in Marseilles, France for physical training during his second semester. He recreated Chez Sandrine, a bistro in Marseilles in Voyager's holodeck. While serving on the USS Exeter he was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of three other Starfleet officers. After admitting to falsifying reports to hide his culpability, he was forced out of Starfleet. Paris later joined the Maquis as a mercenary, but arrested by Federation authorities on his first mission and sent to the penal settlement in New Zealand on Earth. In 2371, at request of Captain Janeway, he was temporarly paroled to assist Voyager in searching for a missing Maquis raider in the badlands. Shortly after joining Voyager from Deep Space-9, Voyager was swepted into the Delta Quadrant. Janeway reinstated Paris's Starfleet commission at the rank of lieutentant junior grade as Voyager's pilot assigned to the conn and later, nurse in sickbay. In 2372, Paris was the first human to break the warp 10 threshold. In 2375, he designed the Delta Flyer, a new advanced shuttle. That same year he was demoted to ensign for breaking the Prime Directive and held in the brig for 30 days. His rank of LTJG was reinstated at the end of 2376.

Robert Duncan McNeill previously played Cadet Nick Locarno in "The First Duty" - TNG. His middle name is in honor of Gene Roddenberry.