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USS Enterprise Senior Staff Overview

Captain Kirk Commander Spock Commander Scott Commander McCoy Lieutenant Uhura Lieutenant Sulu Ensign Chekov

Name: Chekov, Pavel Andereievich
Rank: Commander
Serial Number: 656-5827B
Born: 2245 Origin: Human
Academy Class: 2267
Last Post: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
Current Post: Unknown
Achievements: Unknown

Biography: Chekov was born in 2245, the same year the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was launched. He enrolled into Starfleet Academy in 2263 and graduated in 2267 as an ensign. His first assignment was on the Enterprise as navigator. After Captain Kirk's first five-year mission was promoted to lieutenant and chief of security on the Enterprise. Chekov was promoted again as the first officer to Captain Clark Terrell on the USS Reliant NCC-1864. Chekov was an honored guest at the launching of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B in 2293.