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USS Enterprise Senior Staff Overview

Captain Kirk Commander Spock Commander Scott Commander McCoy Lieutenant Uhura Lieutenant Sulu Ensign Chekov

Name: McCoy, Leonard Hank
Rank: Admiral - Ret.
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: 2227 Origin: Human
Academy Class: Unknown
Last Post: Unknown
Current Post: Unknown
Achievements: Legion of Honor, decorated by Starfleet surgons.

Biography: McCoy attended the University of Mississippi before going to Starfleet Academy. He first joined the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as Chief Medical Officer in 2266. He served with the Enterprise and USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A for a total of 27 years. In 2268, McCoy was diagnosed with terminal xenopolycythemia and resigned, however rejoined Starfleet after a cure for his disease was found in the Yonadan memory banks. McCoy retired for a first time after Captain Kirk's first five-year mission, but later returned to active duty at the request of Admiral Kirk during the V'Ger threat in 2271. In 2293, he and Captain Kirk were accused of assassinating Chancellor Gorkon, but was rescued by the Enterprise. McCoy was scheduled to retire shortly after the Khitomer peace mission, but either changed his mind or rejoined again and made it up to the rank of admiral. In 2364, at age 137, McCoy made a medical inspection tour of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. McCoy's current status is unknown.