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USS Enterprise Senior Staff Overview

Captain Kirk Commander Spock Commander Scott Commander McCoy Lieutenant Uhura Lieutenant Sulu Ensign Chekov

Name: Scott, Montgomery
Rank: Captain - Ret.
Serial Number: SE 19754.T
Born: 2222 Origin: Human
Academy Class: Unknown
Last Post: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
Current Post: None
Achievements: Unknown

Biography: Scott, better known as "Scotty", began his engineering career in 2243 and served aboard 11 ships, and as an advisor on the asteroid freight run from Deneva. Scotty first served as Chief Engineer on the USS Enterprise which defined him as a legendary engineer. The Nomad Probe killed Scotty in 2267, but later returned him to life. He was scheduled to retire three months after the Khitomer peace mission in 2293. Later that year, Scotty was an honored guest for the launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B. Using his transporting expertise he was able to rescue 47 El-Aurians before their ship was destroyed by the nexus. At the age of 72 in 2294, and 51 years of active duty, Scotty finally retired to the Norpin Colony. While in transport onboard the USS Jenolan, the ship crashed in a Dyson Sphere and survived for 75 years in a transporter beam. In 2369 he was discovered by an away team from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Using a shuttlecraft from the Enterprise, Scotty departed. Records are incomplete on his current status.