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Short-range shuttlecraft of the 24th century. They are capable of warp travel and are usually kept on starbases and larger starships. The Type 6 has two pilot seats plus room in the back for six passengers. Type 6 shuttlecraft are 6 meters in length, a height of 2.7 meters, and 4.4 meter beam. They weigh 3.38 metric tons. The standard warp speed is 1.2 for 48 hours and warp 2 for 36 hours with the uprated configuration. They are not usually armed but can however be equipped with Type IV phaser emitters for special missions.

The Type 6 was an extensive modification of the Type 5 shuttle built for Star Trek V. Designers
included Richard James, Nilo Rodis, Herman Zimmerman, Andy Neskoromny, and Rick
Sternbach. The model was built by Greg Jein.

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