Introduction Starship Concept Art (SCA) is the newest addition to the Federation Starship Datalink, featuring the creator concept art from Star Trek: The Magazine.

This section was created to compliment the technical data on the rest of the site by showing what people like Rick Sternbach or John Eaves go through when creating a new starship for a single episode, a movie, or the series starship like the Enterprise, Defiant, or Voyager.

Another aspect to FSD:SCA is that it provides Trekkies outside America the chance to see this type of stuff since Star Trek: The Magazine is currently only available in the USA. Thanks to Bernd of Ex Astris Scientia for scanning the images used on the the following webpages.

All images and text copied from Star Trek: The Magazine, as well as STAR TREK, and All Related Elements , & 2001 of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.

Visit Star Trek: The Magazine on the web at www.stmagazine.com
A Close Look at Voyager
Designing the Akira-class
Designing Borg Ships
Designing the Borg Tactical Cube
Designing Deep Space Nine
Designing the Defiant
Designing the Delta Flyer
Designing the Enterprise
Designing the Enterprise-D
Designing the Equinox
Designing Voyager (Part 1)
Designing Voyager (Part 2)
Star Trek: Insurrection starships
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