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USS Enterprise-D/E Senior Staff Overview

Captain Picard Commander Riker Lieutenant Commander Data Lieutenant Commander Worf Lieutenant Commander La Forge Commander Troi Commander Crusher

Name: Picard, Jean-Luc
Rank: Captain
Serial Number: Unknown
Born: 2305 Origin: Human
Academy Class: 2327, July 20th
Last Post: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
Current Post: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
Achievements: Grankite order of Tactics

Biography: Picard was born in 2305 in Labarre, France on Earth. He failed in his first attempt to enter Starfleet Academy when he was 17 years old in 2322, but was admitted the next year. While at the Academy, Picard was the first freshman to win the marathon on Danula II in 2323. Picard graduated in 2327, and prior to his first post was at Starbase Earhart, where he got stabbed in the heart by a Nausicaans requiring an artifical replacement. Serving as a lieutenant on the USS Stargazer, he took command when the ship's captain was killed in an attack. Afterwards, Picard was offered command of the Stargazer, which he commanded for 20 years. In 2355, the Stargazer was nearly destroyed in an attack by a Ferengi ship. The surviving crew drifted in shuttlecrafts and escape pods for weeks before being rescued. In 2363, Picard was given of the USS Enterprise-D, and in 2364 declined a promotion to admiral. In a confrontation with the Borg in 2366, he was kidnapped and assimilated; using his knowledge the Borg were able to destroy an armada of 39 starships at Wolf 359. In 2371, he met Captain James Kirk in the Nexus, and using the unique temporal nature returned to Veridian III with Captain Kirk to stop Doctor Tolian Soran from destroying the Veridian system. After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, he was offered command of newly constructed Sovereign-class Enterprise-E in 2372. Picard commanded the fleet attacking a Borg cube heading for Earth after the admiral's ship was destroyed and followed a Borg sphere to 2063 to prevent it from assimilating the planet. In 2375, he defied orders from a superior officer to stop plans to remove the Ba'ku from their planet. Since the Prime Directive prohibited him in interferring, he resigned his commission from Starfleet, after defeating the Son'a from destroying the planet he was reinstated.

Picard was named after the French oceanographer Jacques Piccard, who explored the Marianas Trench. His character was originally named Julien Picard.