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The Work Bee is a small, microfusion-powered utility craft that has been in continuous service with Starfleet since 2268. The basic pressure shell design has changed very little, though the interior systems have been periodically updated. The craft is capable of stand-alone operations dealing with inspection of spaceborne hardware, repairs, assembly, and other activities requiring remote manipulators. The Work Bee carries a single crew member, usually garbed in at least an emergency pressure suit to protect against accidental depressurization. In certain applications, a full SEWG (Starfleet standard Extravechicular Work Garment) is wore to allow the operator to be able to exit the craft, perform any work not possible with the manipulator system, and return for repressurization.

Height: 1.92m
Length: 4.11m
Beam: 1.90m
Mass: 1.68 metric tons

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