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The ships listed in this section are starships that have been seen in the background during the battle scenes on Deep Space Nine. Unlike the Centaur, Shelley, and Yeager-classes the ships on this page have no official or unoffical names.

The following spacecrafts were constructed from salvaged components in work, and custom assemblies fabricated by the individual fleet yards. Those vessels not destroyed or damaged beyond salvageability were returned to Starfleet bases and yards for rework back to their respective major classes or repaired and returned to service. All infomation comes from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual.

Type: Medium Cruiser
Accommodation: 225 officers and crew
Length: 444.39m
Height: 87.78m
Beam: 155.44
Mass: 1,300,000 metric tons

Type: Medium Cruiser
Accommodation: 275 officers and crew
Length: 288.33m
Height: 74.85m
Beam: 173.98m
Mass: 660,000 metric tons
Weapons: Two photon torpedo launchers
Eight Type-9 phaser emitters
Warp factor: 9.6

Type: Light Cruiser
Accommodation: 115 officers and crew
Length: 364.84m
Height: 93.26m
Beam: 155.44m
Mass: 650,000 metric tons
Weapons: Four photon torpedo launchers
Eleven Type-10 phaser emitters
Warp factor: 9.75

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