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The Steamrunner-class is an unusual design for a Starfleet vessel, the nacelles are partially built into the single-hulled structure. The navigational deflector array isn't even attached to the main body of the the ship, but instead connected at the end of the warp nacelles. The main shuttlebay is located directly in front of the ship.

The Steamrunner was one of the first competely CGI ships in Star Trek, along with the Akira, Saber, and Norway classes. Although this class appears to be very modern, it was designed several years ago, possibly in the 2350's.

The Steamrunner-class was designed by Alex Jaeger at ILM. It was rendered as a computer-generated visual effect. The Steamrunner was originally called Streamrunner, but for some unknown reason the 'r' was dropped.

Ships of class:
USS Appalacia NCC-52136
   Part of the armada to defend Earth against the Borg incursion of 2372.
   "Star Trek: First Contact"
USS Hiroshima NCC-
USS Steamrunner NCC-
   Class prototype.

Length: 355 Meters
Maximum Warp factor: 9.8
Weapons: Seven Type-10 phaser arrays
Two torpedo launchers

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