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Unofficial name of the Excelsior / Constitution-class variant seen in DS9 battle scenes. The Shelley-class, named after Mary Shelley author of Frankenstien, is also called Curry-class, however both names are not canon since the actual name of the class is unknown.

The DS9 Technical Manual shows an incorrect image of the Shelley, this is the correct view supplied by Ex Astris Scientia.

Ships of class:
USS Curry NCC-45617
   Among the Federation fleets at the start of the Dominion War. The Curry was severely damaged in battle.
   Named after Dan Curry, visual effects producer.
   "A Time to Stand" - DS9.

USS Shelley NCC-
   Class prototype.

Type: Medium cruiser
Accommodation: 290 Personnel
Length: 383.41 Meters
Height: 148.50 Meters
Beam: 195.64 Meters
Mass: 1,270,000 Tonnes
Maximum Warp factor: 9.75
Weapons: Ten Type-9 phaser emitters
Two torpedo launchers

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