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The Prometheus-class prototype was launched in 2374 on stardate 50749.5 from the Beta Antares Ship Yards in the Antares Sector as a highly classified starship with only four people in all of Starfleet had been trained to operate the bridge. Access to all important systems can be restricted and only accessable to the bridge if neccessary.

The Prometheus has a highly advanced warp system. When she was launched, the Prometheus was the fastest ship in Starfleet; with a stable cruising velocity of warp 9.9. There are six warp nacelles, two for each section during multi-vector assault mode. Two small nacelles are part of the top section, one on the top and the other underneath it.

The most unique feature of the Prometheus is the multi-vector assault mode. The ship separates into three individual sections to attack their target. Each section has two warp nacelles, and are heavily armed with phasers, quantum torpedoes, regenerative shielding and ablative hull armor. The top section has 6 phasers, the middle 6, and bottom with 8 phaser arrays. This makes her the perfect warship, and even though Starfleet isn't in the business of making ships only for battle, the war with the Dominion called for appropriate measures for the security of the Federation.

The Prometheus has two registeries, NX-59650 and NX-74913. While the NX-59650 registry can be clearly seen on the hull, the NX-74913 comes from the dedication plaque and master situation display. The higher 74913 is more consistant since the Prometheus is a new and highly advanced starship. The lower 59650 is possibly a mistake made by the CGI modelers.

The Prometheus was designed by Star Trek: Voyager senior illustrator Rick Sternbach and rendered as a computer-generated image by Foundation Imaging. The Prometheus interiors were designed by series production designer Richard James, using redressed portions of the re-created Excelsior bridge that James made for "Flashback", as well as the Voyager sickbay in addition to new sets. Actor Tony Sears, who played the Prometheus officer killed by the Romulans, previously worked in the Star Trek: Voyager art department.

Ships of class:
USS Prometheus NX-74913
   While on one of its first test flights in 2374 the Prometheus was hijacked by Romulans who killed the rest of its crew. While escaping    Federation space the Prometheus was intercepted by a Nebula-class, Akira-class, and two Defiant-class vessels. Control of the ship    was regained by it's EMH and the EMH doctor from the USS Voyager NCC-74656.
   Named after the Greek Titan that gave mankind fire.
   "Message in a Bottle" - VOY.

Type: Cruiser/warship
Length: 414 Meters
Maximum Warp factor: 9.9
Weapons: Eighteen Type-10 phaser arrays
Five photon torpedo launchers
Pulse phaser cannons

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