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The Peregrine-class are small starships used by Starfleet to act as couriers and fighters. By the late 2360's and early 2370's these craft were used by the Maquis as a modified, lightly armed interceptor for raids against the Cardassians in the Demilitarized Zone. Starfleet also began to use these small fighters against the Dominion because of its smaller size they were more maneuverable and could attack enemy ships at close range making it difficult for their sensors to lock-on with phasers and being to close to fire torpedoes.

Chakotay's raider was given the name Liberty in the Voyager novel 'Pathways', the Star Trek Fact Files however give it's name as Zola.

Peregrine-class The Star Trek Encyclopedia mistakenly labeled this craft with the UFP and Academy logos as the Academy trainer craft.
Academy Trainer craft The actual model of the Academy Trainer craft built by Greg Jein for The Next Generation episode "The First Duty."
Type-I Maquis Raider The first type of the Maquis raider was seen in the TNG episode "Preemptive Strike." Carried a small crew, similar to a shuttle or runabout.
Type-II Maquis Raider This Maquis Raider was used by Chakotay in the Voyager pilot "Caretaker", while it appears exactly the same as the Type-I, the difference is in the bridge module. It also has a length of about 60 meters, and can carry up to 40 people.

Ships of class:
No Information Available.

Type: Fighter
Length: 30 Meters

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