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The Cheyenne-class starship was built with four warp nacelles, connected by two scaled-down Galaxy-class necks. In case of an emergency, the Cheyenne was designed to perform a saucer separation procedure.

Given the higher registry of the USS Ahwahnee, the Cheyenne is a recent class that came into service around the same time as the Galaxy-class. Since the design is similar to the older Constellation-class it is also possible that the Cheyenne was meant to replace that class.

The Cheyenne at Wolf 359 and in Picard's tachyon grid have two different registeries, NCC-73620 and NCC-71260. It's unclear if it was meant to be the same ship or not since the NCC-73620 is on the kitbash model and the NCC-71260 from a display. The model was built from AMT/Ertl Enterprise-D kit, with the bridge taken from the 1/1400 kit to suggest the smaller size of the ship. The warp nacelles were made from highlight markers.

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Ships of class:
USS Ahwahnee NCC-73620
   Fought the Borg at Wolf 359, abandoned but later recovered and served in Captain Picard's blockade during the Klingon Civil War.
   The Ahwahnee was originally considered the only survivor at Wolf 359 however the Star Trek: Encyclopedia states it was the Endeavor    that survived instead.
   "Best of Both Worlds" - TNG. "Redemption" - TNG.

USS Cheyenne NCC-

Type: Explorer
Length: 362 Meters

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