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The Centaur-class is an Excelsior-class variant built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the miid 24th century. They have an Excelsior saucer and warp nacelles without an engineering hull. While the Centaur was created from Excelsior parts, its design looks similar Miranda-class ship. It's not known if there are other ships of this design, or that the Centaur is a class and not just a war-time kitbash.

The name Centaur is not the official name of this design, instead it is listed as an Excelsior-class variant in the DS9 Technical Manual. The name is taken from the only known ship of this design. The registry number comes from the Star Trek Fact Files. The DS9TM shows an incorrect image of the Centaur, this is the correct view supplied by Ex Astris Scientia.

Ships of class:
USS Centaur NCC-42043
   In 2374 attacked a Jem'Hadar ship not knowing it was under Captain Sisko's command. Part of Operation Return to retake station    Deep Space-9 from the Dominion.
   Named for a creature in Greek mythology with a torso of a man and body of a horse.
   "A Time to Stand" - DS9. "Sacrifice of Angels" - DS9.

Type: Medium Cruiser
Accommodation: 315 Personnel
Length: 381.87 Meters
Height: 78.54 Meters
Beam: 320.16 Meters
Mass: 870,000 Tonnes
Maximum Warp factor: 9.6
Weapons: Nine Type-9 phaser emitters
Two torpedo launchers

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