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The Akira-class was first commissioned in 2365, and built at the Antares IV Fleet Yards and Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The Akira is one of Starfleet's most heavily armed starships, designed during the Cardassian war featuring a weapons pod located at the aft section of the ship that is armed with torpedoes launchers and phasers. Akira-class ships have since become one of Starfleet's most active battleships, used during both Borg and Dominion conflicts.

The Akira-class starship was designed by Alex Jaeger at Industrial Light & Magic. It was rendered as a computer generated visual effect for Star Trek: First Contact. Named for the Japanese anime movie. The Akira has served as the basis for the new ship for Enterprise, with the two ships being almost identical.

The names and registries of the Akira, Rabin, and Spector come from the Star Trek Fact Files. In Star Trek: The Magazine issue 3 Alex Jaeger claims the Akira-class has 15 torpedo launchers. The Akira article also mentioned that the ship may be able to perform saucer separations.

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Ships of class:
USS Akira NCC-62497
   Star Trek Fact Files.
USS Rabin NCC-63293
   Star Trek Fact Files.
USS Spector NCC-65549
   Lead ship sent to recover the top-secret USS Prometheus NX-74913.
   "Message in a Bottle" - VOY.
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549
   Fought the Borg at Sector 001 in 2373.
   Named for the H.M.S. Thunderchild in H.G. Well's novel The War of the Worlds.
   Star Trek: First Contact.

Type: Heavy Cruiser
Accommodation: 500 Personnel
Length: 464.34 Meters
Height: 87.43 Meters
Beam: 316.67 Meters
Mass: 3,055,000 Tonnes
Maximum Warp Factor: 9.8
Weapons: Six Type-10 phaser arrays
Fifteen torpedo launchers

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