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Starbase 343
Following the completion of its mission with the Acamarians, the Enterprise-D went to Starbase 343 to take on medical supplies for the Alpha Leonis system.
  "The Vengeance Factor" - TNG.
Starbase 375
Station located near Cardassian space. In early 2374, Admiral Ross transferred Captain Benjamin Sisko from command of the USS Defiant NX-74205 to a desk job at Starbase 375. A Jem'Hadar warship, captured in 2373, was held at Starbase 375 and refurbished for use in a covert Starfleet mission against the Dominion in early 2374.
Starbase 375 was a re-use of the Regula I Space Laboratory model first seen in Star Trek II. S-375 was heavily featured in Deep Space Nine, and the episode list for this entry would be too long to list all references to it in the series.   "A Time to Stand" - DS9.
Starbase 401
The Miles O'Brien replicant created by the Paradas contacted Admiral Rollman at Starbase 401.
  "Whispers" - DS9.
Starbase 416
Destination of the Enterprise-D after leaving Ogus II because of a medical emergency in 2367.
  "Brothers" - TNG.
Starbase 440
An Ullian delegation was to disembark the Enterprise-D at Starbase 440 in order to secure transportation to their homeworld. Captain Picard chose instead to deliver the Ullians to their world on the Enterprise-D.
  "Violations" - TNG.
Starbase 495
Destination of the Enterprise-D after the attempted rescue at the planet Marijne in 2370.
  "Interface" - TNG.
Starbase 514
The SS Vico NAR-18834 was assigned out of Starbase 514 at the time of its destruction in 2368.
  "Hero Worship" - TNG.
Starbase 515
Planetside Starfleet facility located in the Scylla Sector, near the Epsilon IX Sector. Captain Picard and Wesley Crusher traveled by shuttle in 2365, when Picard underwent a cardiac-replacement procedure for his bionic heart, and Wesley took academy tests.
The exterior of Starbase 515 was a re-use of the matte painting cityscape from "Angel One" - TNG.
  "Samaritan Snare" - TNG.
Starbase 621
The Enterprise-D delayed a scheduled stopover at Starbase 621 in order to assist the Caldos colony with its weather-control system. A special jury was to have been convened for arraignment of Gul Dukat on war crimes charges in 2374.
  "Sub Rosa" - TNG. "Waltz" - DS9.
Starbase 718
Location of an emergency conference that Picard attended in late 2364 to discuss the possibility of a new Romulan incursion. The meeting was triggered by the loss of communications with starbases and outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone, although this was later believed to be due to Borg activity. This was shortly before the Romulans ended a 53-year period of isolationism that had begun in 2311.
After this episode was made, it was decided that starbase numbers shouldn't go much higher than 500.
  "The Neutral Zone" - TNG.
Farspace Starbase Earhart
Starfleet facility where Ensign Jean-Luc Picard spent some time awaiting his first assignment after graduating from the academy. Picard picked a fight with three Nausiccans at the base's Bonestell Recreation Facility, and was nearly killed when one of them stabbed him through the heart.
Named for aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart (1898-1937)
  "Samaritan Snare" - TNG. "Tapestry" - TNG.
Starbase G-6
Starfleet facility near planet Betazed from which Counselor Troi was able to visit her home via shuttlecraft. Starbase G-6 was also located near the Sigma III Solar System, which suffered a serious mining accident in 2364.
  "Hide and Q" - TNG.
Starbase Lya III
Starfleet Command base where Admiral Haden was stationed. Haden advised Picard on the handling of the Romulan defector Alidar Jarok in 2366, although a two-hour transmission delay due to the distance to the Neutral Zone made it difficult for Haden to give timely advice. The Enterprise-D headed to Starbase Lya III following its mission to Angosia III.
  "The Defector" - TNG. "The Hunted" - TNG.
Starbase Montgomery
Planetside facility at which the Enterprise-D underwent engineering consultations on stardate 42686.
  "The Icarus Factor" - TNG.
Starbase Xendi 9
Site to the USS Stargazer NCC-2893 was towed after the Enterprise-D received the old vessel from the Ferengi in 2364.
  "The Battle" - TNG.