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In the early 2270's, Starfleet administered many of its operations from the impressive Orbital Office complex above Earth. Space station orbiting Earth, part of Starfleet's San Francisco Fleet Yards facility. Admiral James T. Kirk beamed to the orbital office complex before traveling to the refurbished USS Enterprise NCC-1701 while it was in drydock in 2271.

- Star Trek Encyclopedia.

In the 23rd-century, Starfleet used a combination of orbital platforms for the production of new vessels and modification of existing ships. The building work occured within drydock, but the supporting administrative duties were undertaken within the Orbital Office situated in close proximity to drydock.

Designed with functionality and potential expansion in mind, the main visible features were four cylindrical, copper-colored storage tanks. Beneath these was an obversation area, followed by four asymmetrical support struts that formed corridors to a number of interlinking light-gray circular office and shuttle-docking units. At the very bottom of the station was a docking bay for larger vessels. The well lit and expansive rectangular entrance bay allowed easy entry to and launch from the structure.

The main hub of the inhabited areas encircled the central structures.

There was more than one level of office modules. Some overlapping to give numerous deck levels; all were linked together by the radial corridor structure.

The circular docking hub acted as a main anchor point, and the large number of windows on its periphery offered excellent views of space in every direction.