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This huge space station near the Klingon border was designed to track and report on any unusual activities.
Starfleet space station located near the Klingon border. The facility was destroyed in 2271 by the V'Ger machine life-form, which was returning to Earth.

-Star Trek Encyclopedia.

The facility called Epsilon IX was located in Federation space, close to the Scylia sector and near the Klingon border, in the mid to late 23rd century - a time before relations between the Federation and the Klingons had improved. It was used as a monitoring station, primarily to keep Klingons activities and communications under surveillance. Its other main purpose was to boost and pass on subspace communications.

Viewed from the exterior, Epsilon IX was made up of symmetrical panels interspersed with a number of differently sized antennas and receivers, making the whole station one giant communications reflector. A monitoring room, the operational heart of the station, sat near the top of the array. The room was filled with consoles, viewscreens, and sensor equipment, and was open-plan, making it easy for the technicians to coordinate their efforts.

Some of the operators worked at standing consoles, while others sat at individual work station along the walls. The touch-sensitive consoles displayed various schematics, and information on any starship activity or unusual spatial phenomena. The viewscreens were capable of showing activity that was picked up by sensors or probes, while a written record of any verbal communications could be featured on a separate screen. The computers were also capable of providing a verbal translation of any known-alien-language transmissions that were intercepted. The station was able to relay realtime pictures and messages to Starfleet or any appropriate starships.

In 2271, Commander Branch was in charge of Epsilon IX when one of its sensor drones relayed pictures of three Klingons vessels apparently being destroyed by powerful tendrils of energy. Branch's crew determined that the phenomenon responsible would pass near them and then head towards Earth; scans revealed that it was a power field, with an incredibly strong energy source at the center. It was, in fact V'Ger, a living machine that was looking for its creator. Unfortunately, its reaction to the scans was hostile, and Epsilon IX was destroyed by an energy bolt.