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The primary warship of the Klingon Defense Force, the Vor'cha-class vessel was first encountered in 2367, when Chancellor K'mpec transported to the Enterprise-D. The Vor'cha one of the Klingon Empire's largest and most powerful vessels, second to the Negh'Var-class.

The Vor'cha is armed with several photon torpedo launchers and disruptors. They can reach up to warp 9. Their hull design is reminiscent of the older 23rd-Century D-7 and K'T'inga-class battle cruisers. The forward section is believed to be able to seperate, though this has not been confirmed.

During the Dominion War Vor'cha-class cruisers along with Birds-of-Prey predominatly made up the battle fleets, as well as the armada that attacked DS-9 prior to the war.

Starfleet intel on the Vor'cha is still very limited. They have a length of 481 meters and a mass of 2,238,000 metric tons.

The Vor'cha-class attack cruiser was designed by Rick Sternbach and built by Greg Jein. It first appeared in "Reunion" - TNG.