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The Klingon Bird-of-Prey (BoP) is perhaps the most widely used and recognized starship of the Klingon Defense Force. Introduced in late 23rd-Century in 2286, BoPs are a multi-purpose vessel, with tasks ranging from combat to scout missions.

BoPs are capable of atmospheric travel and planetary landing, as well as long-range interstellar flight. The ship is armed with two powerful disruptor cannons mounted on the tips of the variable geometry wings. The photon torpedo launcher is located on the front of the command hull below the bridge. BoPs can reach up to warp 9. Their cloaking device and versitile capablities makes them an ideal ship for scouting, raiding, and combat missions.

There are several different variations of BoPs, first is the smaller B'rel and D-12-classes, designated scouts, carry a crew compliment of about a dozen officers. The larger design, K'Vort-class are classified as cruisers with a much larger crew size. A prototype BoP was even designed to be able to fire while cloaked. The B'rel and K'Vort versions are still in use, the D-12 however was retired because of defective plasma coils in their cloaking device.

The wings of a BoP are designed to shift into three different positions. Although flight can be attained in any position, each one serves a purpose. While in an attack position the wings are at their lowest point, for better targeting and effective damage. The flight position has the wings horizonatal for optimal flight. In the landing position the wing are raised above the ship and landing struts are close together for landing in a small area.

The term bird-of-prey was originally established to be Romulan in "Balance of Terror" - TOS. An early draft of Star Trek III had Commander Krudge stealing a Romulan ship for his quest against Kirk. The Romulan connection was dropped in later drafts, but the ship remained a bird-of-prey. The ship was designed by Nilo Rodis and built at ILM. It was first seen in STIII, and also IV, V, and VI. Class names are from "Yesterday's Enterprise" - TNG, for K'Vort, "Rascals" - TNG, for B'rel, and Star Trek Generations for D-12.