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This extremely ununusal Borg vessel was first encountered by the Enterprise-D after making several attacks on Federation outposts. This rouge vessel has only been encountered once before being destroyed in a solar fusion eruption.

The vessel appears to be derived from the same Cube that came to rescue the scout ship that crashed on a moon in the Argolis Cluster in 2368. While it is unclear, Borg specialists theorize this rouge vessel to be that cube, distorted and unsymmetrical due to Hugh's individuality spreading to the rest of the drones and being disconnected. Since a Borg vessel is maintained by the Collective state the perfectly symmetrical cubes and sphere represent the harmony and order. The irregular multileveled disjointed appearance of this vessel would then respresent the disordered and chaotic state of the Borg onboard.

The rouge vessel used traditional Borg technology such as plasma bursts and opening transwarp conduits by emitting a high energy tachyon pulse.