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"In their collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy, driven by one will alone: the will to conquer. They are beyond reason, beyond redemption."
- Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.

The Borg are a cybernetic/humaniod species that have been in the Delta Quadrant for over 900 years. They have a collective mind and act as one, there are no individuals. They have been responsible for the destruction and assimilation of thousands of species in their quest for perfection. Assimilation is also the only way the Borg are able to learn about technology or a species, which is their greatest weakness.

Unclassified files by Starfleet Intelligence reveal that knownledge of the Borg has been on record since as early as 2293. After debriefing El-Aurian refugees that escaped after their species was nearly wiped out by the Borg, Starfleet Intelligence sealed all accounts of the Collective until they could investigate it further. It was not until 2354 when a private starship, the USS Raven NAR-32450, was commissioned to research the Borg. The Raven was never heard from again after following a Borg Cube into a transwarp conduit.

First official contact with the Borg was in 2365 when Q sent the Enterprise-D to system J-25 in the Delta Quadrant. This encounter resulted in the several Borg incursions into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It also prompted Starfleet to design new weapons systems and defenses such as the Defiant-class for any possible Borg attack.

The first Borg incursion was in 2366, earlier than expected, in which 39 starships and 11,000 lives were lost at Wolf 359. The cube made it to Earth before being destroyed by the Enterprise-D. Later, in 2368 a Borg scout ship was discovered on a moon in the Argolis Cluster. In 2369, the Borg, led by Lore using an unusual ship, attacked several Federation outposts. Their last known incursion was in 2373 when a cube made it to Earth again, only to be destroyed by the Enterprise-E and what was left of the tatical fleet. A Borg sphere was ejected and traveled back to 2063, where the Enterprise-E followed and destroyed it, stopping their attempt to assimilate Earth in the 21st-Century.

Since their first encounter with the Borg, Starfleet has learned much about them. However, much also remains a mystery, especially their starships. The most prominent design is the Cube, which has been seen in various sizes. Other designs constructed in a simple geometric shape are the sphere and the tetrahedron-shaped probe. New assimilated technology is added right onto the hull giving it a layered design. All Borg vessels can be monitored from Unimatrix One. They are also all capable of transwarp travel and carry powerful weapons and shielding. Their main advantage in battle is the ability to quickly adapt to weapons and repair itself when damaged, a technology assimilated from Species 2-5-9.

Background information
Writer Maurice Hurley derived the name Borg from the term cyborg (cybernetic organism). The Borg were first seen in "Q Who" - TNG.